About Us

The Gallery A Salon first opened its doors 29 years ago, being a forerunner to most of the Salons in the Wayne area. After 21 years, four of the lead employees decided it was time to buy the Salon. Carla, Kim, Donna and Madison embarked on their new journey about 8 years ago and are having their dream come true. One of the things that makes the Gallery so special is our employees. So many of our employees have been part of the Team for 10+ years which, says so much about our environment and is almost unheard of in our industry. We are like a working family and care deeply for each other, and it reflects on our clients, as well.

Our standard is excellence in every aspect of our Salon. Our desire is to produce the most satisfied and beautiful clients in the industry. Superior client service is what we strive for. We love to keep everyone happy and meet their diverse needs. Our Salon atmosphere is friendly, inviting, professional, and accommodating. Our strong belief for our staff is to continually be educated. We have many educational events in our Salon as well as attending various educational events and shows. Keeping up with new trends is our lifeline. We are always excited when learning new trends and bringing them back to our clients. Our Staff is highly educated in all areas of beauty and continually participates in NYC Fashion Week, helping design the latest trends. The Gallery has also been part of several TV makeover shows.

We specialize in Make-Overs, always analyzing facial structure and hair color for each client’s special needs. We believe every client is an individual and we put our expertise to work. We like to define the artistry of our Salon from Classic Styles to Avant Gard and Edgy. With this much education and talent, we utilize a system of tiered pricing to fit the needs of all clients.